My 50 Years

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  •  After high school I attended Brigham Young University for a year, then served a 2-year mission to London for the LDS church. Upon returning from England I completed my undergraduate degree.
  • While at BYU I met the woman of my dreams, Sharon, also a student at BYU. We were married in 1977 and a year later our son Scott was born.
  • After BYU I attended Northwestern University and earned a Master’s Degree in Advertising & Marketing Strategy.
  • After graduating, joined SC Johnson’s (Johnson Wax) Brand Management team in Racine, Wisconsin. Pledge furniture polish was the brand I worked on.
  • After 3 years at Johnson Wax a friend I met at Northwestern sent me an ad from the Wall Street Journal about a Brand Manager job at Ore-Ida Foods (Tator Tots, etc.)
  • I always wanted to live in the Rocky Mountains and though I was very happy at Johnson I interviewed for the job and they hired me – the decision was also influenced by Sharon, who was born and raised in Idaho.
  • I spent 10 years in the potato business in Idaho, then met a couple of fellows who owned an advertising agency in Salt Lake City. They convinced me to give that business a try and I became a partner and moved to Utah in 1992.
  • After 7 years in the agency business my 2 partners and I sold the business to a couple of newer partners and formed a brand strategy consultancy.
  • We did that for a couple of years then went our separate ways. I continued with brand consulting and strategic planning and have run that business for the past 20 years, retiring last October.
  • When we moved to Utah in ’92 and bought a home in Farmington, about 15 miles north of Salt Lake and have been there ever since.
  • We have 4 children, 2 boys, 2 girls and 14 grandchildren.
  • I love the mountains, rivers, and deserts in the west. When in Boise I started running rivers (rafting) and fly fishing and still do that as much as I can.
  • Love hiking and mountain biking, especially with our kids and grandkids. We live in a neighborhood contiguous to the Wasatch Mountain range and hike and bike from our home.
  • We love to travel and have been fortunate to see much of the world.
  • Was planning on making the reunion but injured my shoulder which required surgery and I wasn’t in a condition to travel in October. (I did it doing yoga ☹, Sharon had been after me to start doing yoga. I promised her I would start when work slowed down, I started and blew out my shoulder. I should have started years ago).
  • I’m back to doing the outdoor things I love. Would love a Somerset reunion in 2024. Would love to see classmates and catch up. Many of you were close friends and I’ve missed you and grateful for how you blessed my life.  

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