Class Pics - Roach - Manherz & Slover - '64 to '66

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Just love these class pictures of Grade 4 Mrs. Roach '64 - Grade 5 Mrs Manherze '65 and Grade 6 Mrs. Slover '66. 
I love the shot of Michael Raibel in Grade 6 where Mrs. Slover's right boob is pushing him off the side of the steps. 
Thanks to Jon for passing these pictures over to me. I added a little Photoshop sharpening and tried to get rid of the funky colors in Mrs. Slovers pic. 
Also does anyone know what was wrong with Mark Yankower in Grade 5.  He looks like he started the sauce a bit early.  
If anyone has better pictures please upload.  To view these pictures full size click the thumbnail.  You can then then save if you would like. 
I'm also including PDF versions which may print better.

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